May 15, 2012

Who Painted That?

While setting up my new art studio on our new house I spent some time sorting through the boxes of stuff I brought over from my old art studio. It was interesting to look through my old sketchbooks. I'm surprised that some of these drawings and paintings still exist since much of it was created way back in my teen years. Most of it I recognized quite well and could still relate to. But with some, I had to ponder, who was I when I created this? Below is such an image. It is so different from anything I ever did before or since that I have to wonder, who was that younger me, the artist of many years ago who created this? What was I thinking when I painted it? I wish I could go back into my head that day and hear my thoughts. Why would I choose such a style? Was I inspired by another's work? Or did I just come up with that on my own? Where did it come from? Why a unicorn? Why a volcano? And, as my friends said when I showed them this, why a unicorn with a volcano? Volcanoes go with dinosaurs. Unicorns belong with rainbows!
Well, I suppose I was imagining what the world was like for the prehistoric unicorn. There were unicorns back then, weren't there? :)

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