Sep 11, 2011

Wild Dogs In Art Contest Winners

Here's this week's Wild Dogs in Art contest Winners!
Because I don't consider it fair to win my own contests I discount my own winnings.

Congratulations to Ernie Echols for his First Place winner of a
Mexican Grey Wolf!

Second Place goes to Judith Angell Meyer for her entry,

Tied for Third Place is Deb LaFogg-Docherty's The Greeting

and Judith Angell Mayer's Under Cover.

Nice work everyone! I wish much traffic (and buyers) come your way!

Here are the complete contest results.


Canidae Art said...

Ah I love wolves. They are one of my favourite animals to draw and paint. They hold a great mystery, yet we know so much and so little about them.

Plus they are the ancestors of our beloved domestic dogs.

:) Great artwork!

Marc Calvo said...

This portrait of mexican wolf, i fill with very good lights;i look this wolf in photographs and i fill that this wolf,have an original color of fur, it have much contrast between the belly, the lateral sides and his back.

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