May 31, 2011

Fox pup painting detail

I finally got around to getting a high-res, high quality image of the fox-in-the-tree-stump-den painting. (Still trying to think of a good title for this one. Any suggestions?)
If you read my previous post about this painting you'll know it was the first piece I've ever done with only the 3 primaries (and white), and how that turned out to give the painting some really wonderful grays and browns. Unfortunately, the first images I posted did not do it justice (now replaced). Here are some better images, showing the rich color variations in what's basically a plain brown tree stump.

Below is a closeup of the detail of the tree stump near the top of the image. At first what looks like a gray/brown tree turns out to be full of wonderful blues, greens, purples, oranges, and yellows. I just love it!

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