May 20, 2008

Wildlife Art Magazine Ceases Operations

Sad news. An excerpt from an email I received the other day:

Dear Wildlife Art magazine community,

It is with deep regret that we announce that Wildlife Art magazine ceased operations Friday, May 9. We remain hopeful that someone will purchase the magazine and continue to operate it for the benefit of wildlife art lovers around the world...

(edited to remove names, personal email addresses, and phone numbers)

...The Wildlife Art magazine staff is tremendous! Should you choose to work with any of them on future projects know you'll be working with talented professionals.

We appreciate the three-plus years of relationship we've had with each of you, and wish you well.


Keith and Tricia

The email did not say why the company is closing down but I contacted Paul Montag from the magazine to confirm that is, indeed, true. It appears to have been a surprise to most of the employees there.

This is particularly sad for me. Wildlife Art Magazine has been around for at least 30years I believe. It's been there for me as long as I've been in the wildlife art business and it's always been my main source of news and information on the wildlife art world. There's nothing out there I know of that can take its place. I truly hope someone does buy the company and keep it going. It will be sorely missed by many in the wildlife art world if it's gone for good.


José said...

Hi Crista,

Although I'm not an artist who paints animals, like most people I like animals and therefore I quite enjoy seeing paintings about them.
Be it wildlife or not.
It's a shame that the magazine has ended.
I've bought a couple of issues here in Lisbon and in my opinion, one thing that could improve it would be a more technical approach.
Advertising on a magazine can be good to make some money, but artists want more then that.

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the magazine for several years. Always renewing my subscriptions early. Unfortunately even though I had more than a year on the current subscription remaining. I only found out that the publication was out of business after not receiving the next copy.

It would have been nice (even though I paid for copies I won't get), that someone would have notified loyal subscribers somewehre in the process....

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