Oct 14, 2007

Uncommon Wildlife Art Subjects: Hyena

This second post in my uncommon wildlife art subjects series is about the hyena. The hyena, the homeliest of "dogs" with its laughing bark, awkward gait, and reputation for scavenging is not, in fact, a member of the dog family. It is in its own family, Hyaenidae, which is oddly more closely related to the mongoose and meerkat than the dog. While not the most attractive member of the animal world it is, nevertheless, a fascinating one.

First of all, despite their reputation for being slobbering, filthy scavangers, some species of hyena are actually very efficient hunters. They are also highly intelligent, equal in intelligence to some ape species.

Another particularly unusual and interesting fact about the hyena is the presense of a psuedo-penis on the female hyenas. Read more about this and other interesting facts on Wikipedia.

So maybe you'll think about these animals in a new way as you enjoy some hyena paintings by some wonderful wildlife artists.

Here Comes Trouble
Subject: Spotted Hyena
Joni Johnson-Godsy

Hyena Cub
Angela Drysdale

Lazy Hyena
Nico Bulder


Eric Wilson said...

I love hyenas, they are such characters and people who dont appreciate them because of all the negative stereotypes are missing out on a magnificent animal, a true survivor and winner.


Hi Crista!
I entered your blog by chance, your paintings are really great!! I am an Italian painter, I paint on rocks and I would like you to give me some advices on my paintings I published on my personal blog.
Thank you very much!
Bye bye

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