Sep 8, 2007

David Kitler at Fort Worden Wildlife Art Expo

Wildlife artist David Kitler has been a busy man. This year's activities include participating in several art festivals and expos, giving demonstrations and workshops, a presentation at the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology, and completing his first instructional DVD on drawing techniques. And somewhere in there he still finds time to paint!

One of the expos he's attending this year is the Fort Worden Wildlife and Nature Art Expo in Port Townsdend, WA. I had the pleasure of meeting the artist at this same expo last year. He's very friendly, eager to meet people and answer any questions you may have. This year the event takes place Oct 5-7 so if you're in the area on those dates I' highly recommend you stop by and say hi to David. There will be lots of other great artists there too. For more info visit the Wildlife Art Expo site.

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